Shortly after the release of Metrdium Fields via the End Records in October of 2006, Giant Squid went through a tumultuous line up change that nearly killed the band. Living in Austin, TX at the time, we befriended a local two-piece band called, One Eyed Doll, whom we amoebically absorbed, effectively filling the recently vacant position of drummer and keyboards. This line up played some great shows for the very short time it was active (see video of Emo's gig, opening up for Isis,) but couldn't last once Giant Squid decided to move back to California in December. Luckily for us, new drummer, Scotty Sutton (Cenotes) decided to stay on and travel West with Bryan and Aaron. Before departing, the band went in to the studio with Metridium Fields producer, Jason Rufus Sewell, in Bastrop, TX and recorded "Sutter's Fort", a song that was originally written during the Monster in the Creek era a couple years prior back in Sacramento. This marks the last time the band worked with Aurielle Zeitler who was already on her way out by this point as well.


"Sutter's Fort" was intended to be on the 2007 End Records annual sampler, but upon hearing the bombastic track, the label wanted to do something more special for it, hence the very limited 7" release. Before the band hit the road to return to California, and in a very fateful turn of events, we had managed to wrangle cellist, Jackie Perez Gratz, in to our line up. Thus, it made perfect sense to share the 7" with her other band, Grayceon, who contributed the prophetic track, "The West," perfectly complimenting Giant Squid's song in its sense of frontier desolation, hopelessness, and longing.


The 7" was limited to 500 copies, half of which were on maroon vinyl, the other half on transparent beige. The cover art of Marshall's cabin in Coloma, CA was painted by Aaron John Gregory's grandfather, John P. Cassidy.


You can luck out on ebay once and while and found a copy of this. Maybe some day we'll repress it, but for now, you can listen here or purchase the track for a $1.50 from our band camp page HERE.



"...thrilling brutatily" -


"The two halves complement each other perfectly, the Giant Squid half with its bulky emotional heft, the Grayceon half with neoclassical riffs and precision musicianship." - Etan Rosenbloom,


"On this limited-edition seven-inch split, Giant Squid and Grayceon offer distinct spins on the American dream, using the allure of the West as a metaphor for greed, grief and loss. The mythos is mostly coded into their lyrics, but Giant Squid and Grayceon are musical pioneers, too, and this release finds both bands pushing further toward the heavy-metal frontier.


“Sutter’s Fort” is the most savage track Giant Squid has ever committed to tape. Aaron Gregory and Aurielle Zeitler (Gregory’s ex-wife) trade feral snarls and screams over a Neurosis-style skullcrush in the first section. They’re interrupted by Gregory’s Serj Tankian-esque wail and a roller-rink organ that only intensifies the doom. A three-minute stretch of glassy guitar, piano and Zeitler’s quavering question, “Where has everybody gone?/ Search of promises of gold?” sets up the hammering brutality of the finale, and a deathless response: “Pyrite is all you’ll find/ A perfect treasure for fools.""