Very excited to be able to finally share this... A wonderfully shot and edited, multi-cam video of our final show as a band, at the Complex in Glendale, CA Oct 17th, 2015. Huge waves of gratitude to Dave Boccuzzi and Sound Picture Studios for bringing their crew out and capturing this very important moment in the band's long history.

Show wise, this was a triumph for us. We didn't play perfect, but we never did before, so no reason to do so on our way out! But fuck, we played with great pride, we played like we knew it was the end, we played with conviction and joy in our hearts, and we had a ton of fun. The Complex was packed and overflowing with love and reverence. We are so fortunate to have these final moments in our band's life documented for all to share in.

Enormous thanks to Dave and his crew for being up front capturing every sweaty moment, to Acid King for letting us play an extra long set, to the Complex for treating us like family, to all the diehard fans who traveled from far and wide to be there, to all the fans who would have been there if they could of but have supported us in every way possible through out the years, and to all the Giant Squid family who may not have been on stage with us physically, but were there in every riff and beat we played that night.

Now grab a couple beers, get your headphones out, and crank this beast.

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