To celebrate Giant Squid's 10 year anniversary, from here on out, for the price of one you can get both versions of the bands debut album; the 2004 self-released CD in jewel case and the 2006 official label released CD digipak from The End Records. Each version is a completely different recording with various different members. Both engineered by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High on Fire), who also produced the first version. Second version mixed by produced by Jason Rufus Sewell.
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    This album's history is a bit confusing. The band self released it as Metridium Field in 2004. Legendary metal producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, High On Fire, Agalloch) was behind the knobs for the whole process; engineering, mixing, and producing. Eric Broyhill mastered it. Jason Divencenzo (Red Tape, The Diseptikons) played drums and Bill Hughes played second guitar, while Aurielle Zeitler was on keys full time.

    Eventually this version made it's way in to the hands of The End Records by way of members of the band, Crisis. By the time The End approached Giant Squid, the band had already been through a big line up change, and had written/recorded and self released, Monster in the Creek. The label wasn't too interested in that bizarre little EP, but instead wanted to put out Metridium Field, which in turn the band wasn't that interested in doing since half of the people on that album weren't in the band anymore. So they opted to go back in the studio and record Metridium Field all over again but with the current line up.

    At first the band refered to this second version as "Metridium Fields", making it plural, and had every intention of releasing it as such. But, a typo on the spine of The End Records version (my fault) left the 'S' off, and so the world was introduced to the record still with it's original name. So now we just refer to both records as if they were one album called Metridium Fields; but we keep it plural cause there are really two. Got it? Cool. Enjoy.