December 12, 2019

Rumored sightings of an elasmobranch considered above average size for North Western waters are coming out of Seattle once again. Don’t sweat it, SQUALUS is on its tail.

NORTH WEST TERROR FEST 2020 better get the apricot brandy and Narragansett lager ready cause SQUALUS is going to chase the shark straight down to the depths of Barboza!!

June 17, 2019

 Very excited to be hitting the road again, even for just a small trip. We'll be chasing the shark into the woods of the North West, hitting our hometown of Sacramento along the way. 

June 1, 2019

So stoked to premiere our official lyric video for "Violent Climax", one of the strangest and darkest songs we have yet to mine from the rich content found in Peter Benchley's magnificent novel.

Thanks to YOD Multimedia - Metal Video Maker for crushing this project for us!

December 19, 2018

I explored and bought more new music in 2018 than many years prior. So many established bands released the best work of their careers, while so many new bands popped up on my radar and haven't left my stereo since. Thought I'd share with all of you my top 12 records and about 8 more that I also thoroughly loved.

1. GRAYCEON - IV : there isn’t a metal band on Earth that sounds like Grayceon, and Grayceon has never sounded better than they do on IV. Which is saying a lot since each release is consistently incredible. Sure I’m biased, this is my wife’s band. But these guys came back after a short hiatus to remind the metal world how unfuckingtouchable they are. It’s a damn crime they’re not on every “best of” list this year. Few bands made albums this heart felt, this original, this gorgeous, this well executed, and this chocked full of mindbendingly good riffs.

2. ALTIN GüN - On : My new favorite b...

December 17, 2018

Thanks to Translation Loss for posting these. They are a beastly thing of beauty. 

All artwork by Aaron John Gregory. 

December 12, 2018

Our new split LP with Shadow Limb is out TODAY!

Listen to a full stream over at Decibel Magazine HERE and order your copy from Translation Loss! And remember this holiday season...

"Three thousand bucks buys a lot of roast!"

December 1, 2018

Help us raise money for our dear friends at SHRINE CUSTOM SPEAKER CABINETS rebuild their business which was completely lost in the fires. Any money we can raise, even if just enough to buy them one new saw or other piece of vital equipment, would be a tremendous help.

Their band SHADOW LIMB, who all grew up in Paradise will be joining us as well, and we'll be supporting the release of the new SQUALUS/SHADOW LIMB split LP entitled "Mass and Power". Our dear friends and fellow Shrine users, AEQUOREA will be coming up from Nevada City to bring the heavy!

Come party at Winters Tavern in Pacifica with us, gaze upon the wall of SHRINE CABS swallowing the stage, and bring some dough to donate to the cause.


November 15, 2018

Excited to premiere "Fourth of July" off our upcoming Mass and Power split LP with SHADOW LIMB!

This time the mighty DECIBEL Magazine honors us with the opportunity to tell you all a thing or two about what happens when you yell... SHARK! 

Crank this shit HERE. Then, get the fuck out of the water already!

October 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce a split LP of titanic proportions! 🦈🦈

SQUALUS and Shadow Limb have teamed up for "Mass and Power", featuring 7 brand new and ripping tracks.

Pre-order is available today including a limited Squalus t-shirt pack.

Listen to TWO tracks from Squalus/Shadow Limb, "Mass & Power" exclusively at REVOLVER Magazine:…/hear-squalus-shadow-limb-team…

Featuring brand new artwork by Squalus frontman Aaron John Gregory!

Vinyl is available in two variants: 

Version 1: 
Sea Blue with Heavy White, Bone White and Grey Splatter (limited to 200 copies)

Version 2: 
Sea Blue and Coke Bottle Green Half and Half with Heavy Rainbow Splatter (limited to 100 copies)

Available December 14, 2018.

Pre-order here:

June 26, 2018

Next month SQUALUS will be hunting in the fertile waters of the Pacific Northwest with our pals, DISASTROID!! Very excited about this quick little jaunt with one of our favorite Bay Area bands. 

Eat you soon!

July 26 - Portland, OR (The Kenton Club)
July 27 - Seattle, WA (Lucky Liquor)
July 28 - Olympia, WA (The Voyeur)

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